“Home Away From Home”

Unique Opportunities. Maturing Faith.

The college ministry at PittNaz is built to grow our young adults as they begin to live out their faith in a personal way. The college years are unlike any other in terms of opportunity to grow spiritually and share your faith. It can also be one of the most challenging times as you look for a balance of independence and support. Our college ministry, led by Pastor Age Daugherty, is a vibrant group that looks to encourage you along the journey.


The college ministry not only supports our young adults; it gives you something to do. Attend one of our many events throughout the year, or chill at the Chapel House after class for some much needed relaxation or entertainment.

Just checking out church?

Maybe you are unsure about church and Christianity. We still welcome you as a part of our group. You will find this ministry laid back, relaxed, and easy to get plugged into. Bring your questions and doubts with you; we want to discuss the Gospel in a real, relevant way.


Sunday mornings: 10:00am in Room 254 (Upstairs in the Gym)

Sunday evenings: 6:00 at Pastor Age’s house

Tuesday evenings: FCA 8:00 Starts in the Gym

Wednesday evenings: 9:00 in Room 254 (Upstairs in the Gym)