Whether you are new to our church or are a returning member looking to become more involved, we have developed a path to finding your place to serve. We call it Next Steps.

Next Steps is a 7-step process that starts with a basic introduction to our church, and goes through various steps to kickstart spiritual growth and lead individuals towards roles they are uniquely able to serve in.

Individuals new to our church have the option to work sequentially through the Next Steps process, building on top of knowledge one step at a time. Members are also welcome to jump from step to step in whatever order they feel led.

Weekend Worship

It goes without saying, but to effectively get involved in the church, it helps to attend. Coming to our weekend worship opens the door to developing initial relationships and kickstarting spiritual growth.

Starting Point

Starting Point is your guide to PittNaz as a church. In this step, you will be introduced to our church leadership, our core values, and the Next Steps process as a whole.

Starting Point

Small Groups

Throughout the Next Steps process, we encourage people to join a small group.  Corporate worship in the sanctuary is an important and powerful setting, but so is meeting with a smaller group of people where we can interact and encourage one another.  We offer a variety of groups that primarily meet on Sunday mornings, Sunday nights, and Wednesday nights.

Small Groups

Small Groups


A growing spiritual walk starts with a strong foundation. Learn the foundations of the Christian faith, including how to read the Bible and understand concepts including prayer, baptism, communion, worship, and tithing.

Life Strategy Workshop

God has designed life to work a certain way, but He has also uniquely created you with certain gifts and personality traits.  Discover how to be “you” while living life God’s way!


The Bible is more than an ancient book of stories and rules. It is the Word of God, revealing to us who God is and how much He loves us!  This step uses video, discussions, and take-home devotions to provide an overview of each book of the Bible.  It is divided into four modules, each one covering a different section of the Bible.

  • Old Testament Roots: Genesis-Esther, 5 weeks
  • Poets and Prophets: Job-Malachi, 8 weeks
  • Jesus and the Church: Matthew-Acts, 3 weeks
  • Letters: Romans-Revelation, 7 weeks


Perspectives is focused on the importance of missions. Gain the perspective to see the world – both near and far – as a mission field, and develop a desire to share the salvation you have experienced with those around you.