Ignited to Ignite.

Our youth ministry, grades 7-12, is Ignite. Youth pastor Garret Stalder strives to give students a deeper relationship with Christ while training them to share their faith as a living testimony of God’s love and power. This active group enjoys having fun while uncovering Biblical truths in a relevant, real way. As they grow, they are encouraged to discover more about God’s unique plans for their lives, wherever they are along the journey.

Building meaningful relationships

The youth at PittNaz are given the opportunity to develop friendships in a supportive, Christ-like group. These friendships give our youth a place to be authentic, open, and accountable with each other. Growing in their faith side-by-side, the youth support each other as they walk through the challenging Junior High and High School years.


Ignite Wednesday evening meeting: 7:00 in main lobby

Sunday evening small group: 6:00 in the gym

Sunday morning groups: 10:00am in Room 257