What We Believe

As followers of Christ, we believe we should faithfully support the work of the local church. That includes both financial giving and service. We believe that giving and serving is a form of worship and reflects a grateful heart. Rather than an obligation, we consider giving as an opportunity to express our love of God.



Tithing (giving 10% of your income) is one of those “churchy” words that can be confusing. If you want clarification, more information about tithing, how to start or what it means to tithe please contact one of our pastoral team. They would welcome the opportunity to meet with you to discuss your questions related to giving.

Methods of Giving

In Person
There is an opportunity to give cash or check during the Sunday morning worship service. These can be placed in the offering plate that is circulated during the worship service. Giving envelopes are available if preferred.

Stick a stamp on your contribution and mail it to the church office. Please make checks payable to PittNaz Church or First Church of the Nazarene.

We have recently instituted online giving, a quick and easy method of giving. This method is a safe and a convenient way to support the ministries of the church. With automated contributions you can eliminate the hassles of postage, mail delays and check writing and be assured of timely receipt of contributions. For more information regarding online giving contact the Church Office. To give online, use our Online Giving Portal.

Text to Give

  1. Text “$20” or the amount of your choice to 620-450-6632.
  2. Follow the prompts to set up your account (First time only).
  3. Text “Funds” for a list of Funds or “Help” for instructions on how to give to a specific fund.
  4. Save the number as a contact for quick and easy future donations.

Regardless what method of giving you prefer, be assured that your information is held securely and confidentially by the finance team.


There is no obligation or expectation that visitors contribute to the ongoing needs of our church, although your gifts are welcome. If you become a part of our church or consider Pittsburg Nazarene your home we encourage your regular support.

Opportunities to Give

In addition to the day to day needs of the church there are often special funds that would appreciate your support. Please refer to the items noted below.

  • Tithe: Provides the funds for the general operation of the church. Those include support of employees and pastoral staff, utilities, equipment, office supplies, insurance, custodial supplies and other miscellaneous items.
  • Faith promise: Provides funds for Nazarene missionaries and their work around the world.
  • Kid’s camp: Used so children and teens may attend the summer camps.
  • Building fund: Used to help pay for the physical structures of our church.
  • Children’s ministry: Provides for supplies, literature and activities to support this area.
  • Youth ministry: Funds are needed for supplies, literature, travel and activities to support this area.
  • Bus ministry: Funds are used for gas and maintenance of the church vehicles. The church uses these vehicles to transport children and teens to various events and to church.
  • Benevolence: Used to aid families with unexpected or high medical expenses, victims of natural disasters, the unemployed, the underemployed, and others in similar circumstances. Men’s and women’s events: Supports the various special events throughout the year designed to enhance fellowship and spiritual growth of the adult women and men of our congregation.


God has designed each of us uniquely based on our SHAPE

  • S-PIRITUAL GIFT – And equally important, your natural calling toward areas to serve. You may know what these are but often they are discovered over time through serving.
  • H-EART – What motivates, inspires and serves to guide you to do His work.
  • A-BILITIES – Natural talents you were born with or developed over time.
  • P-ERSONALITY…Introverts, extroverts, thinkers, hands-on. This affects how you do ministry, but not if you do ministry.
  • E-XPERIENCES…What has happened to you in your journey through life? God uses the good and the bad. He needs different educational and vocational experiences, and your personal struggles and trials to make you a uniquely qualified person.

Areas to serve

Children – Nursery – 6th grade

  • Sunday School Teacher / helper / substitute
  • Children’s Church Helper (1x per month – one service)
  • Wednesday Night Alive Kids – Teacher/classroom helper/other helper (School year program)
  • Nursery Volunteer – Sunday School or Children’s Church time (1x per month)
  • Sunday Night Quizzing (school year)
  • Special Event Staff (Easter egg hunt, Trunk or Treat, VBS type activities)
  • Bus Driver – CDL Required – Drive/ substitute for Wednesday, Sunday, or special events
  • Bus Supervisor – Ride bus and supervise children as they travel to/from church activities (contact: Jake Simmons)
  • Club 56 worker (Special program for students in transition from Grad School to Middle School.
  • Mentor – work one on one with special students

Youth – 7th – 12th grades

  • Sunday School Teacher / helper / substitute
  • Wednesday Night Ignite – program helper / subs during school year
  • Sunday Night small group leaders/helpers
  • Sunday Night Quizzing (school year)
  • Special Event Staff – Assist staff with trips, lock ins, service projects
  • Mentor – work one on one with special students


  • Praise Team – vocal, instrumental or specials. Will be rotating schedule after June as we plan to develop multiple teams.
  • AV Team – Power Point (Contact: Matt Pendergras ) Sound Equipment (Contact: Phil Ward)
  • Hospitality – Prepare and serve coffee/snacks Sunday morning (Contact: Sheila Pendergrass)
  • Ushers – Inside worship center take offering, assist with seating and communication as needed.
  • Greeters – rotating schedule (every 4th month) all month long at either early or late service. (Contact: Sara Dodson)

Adult Ministries

  • Sunday School Teacher: We are in need of new classes (Contact: Tyler Dodson or Adam Parrish).
  • Small Group Leader or Host: Most Groups meet on Sunday evening in homes but this is flexible. Review and insights from Sunday am services can be discussed. Other topics/books can be discussed as per the needs and interests of the groups. (Contact:Tyler Dodson or Adam Parrish)
  • Funeral Dinners: Provide food and/or help serve the meal (Contact: Pat Hefley)
  • Meals for families with new babies or special needs, such as illness (Contact: Heidi Casper or Stacy Brooks)
  • Seniors Ministries: Jim or Ellen Berger or Pastor Jim re. Meals, trips, etc…
  • Women’s Ministry: Linda Russell for referral to special team i.e. Women’s Tea, Christmas, etc…
  • Men’s Ministry: Monthly Prayer Breakfast, Beast Feast, Steak Fry, etc… (Contact: Mike Wilbur)
  • Nazarene Compassionate Ministries and other programs or projects. (Contact: Karen Sooter)

Trustee/Property Team

  • Special Projects Team: Be available to be called as needs arise for maintenance to the church property. Painting, carpentry, plumbing, electrical skills are a plus but only willingness to work is required.
  • Property Beautification: Looking for someone who would assume responsibility for flower beds and containers at the church during spring and summer months.

Other Opportunities

  • Parking Lot helpers – rotating schedule as noted above. . (Contact: Adam Parrish)
  • Cookie Ministries – Bake cookies as needed for First Time Visitor Bags (Contact: Sherry Eckstrom)
  • Nazarene Compassionate Ministries and other programs or projects. (Contact: Karen Sooter)
  • Outreach Team: Identify special groups or needs in the local community and plan events and/or projects to assist them. Current targeted groups are nursing home/homebound, schools, single parents and underserved such as homeless (Contact: Karen Sooter)
  • Transportation: Provide transportation on an as needed basis. (Office-Veronica: 231-0658)
  • Big Brother/Sisters – Contact Pastor Thomas
  • Habitat for Humanity – Contact Beth Wells
  • Hospice – Contact Beth Foster
  • Wesley House – Contact Debbie Strukel
  • Gideons – Contact Ken Brooks